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AT5555N to Cobra 4-Pin Microphone Converter Cable

03/12/2019 2A0FX 2

From : AnyTone AT5555N jack connector type : 8P8C RJ45 plug To: In-line round socket to suit Cobra 4 pin microphone plug Wire AT jack pin 8 (KEY) wire colour BLUE to Cobra socket pin 4 Wire AT jack pin 7 (PTT) wire colour RED to Cobra socket pin 3 […]

Cobra 200 GTL DX – SSB Multimode CB/Ham Radio

01/02/2006 TM1 7

In the Autumn of 2005 Cobra released its first significant new radio for quite some time. With legends such as the Cobra 148 GTL DX in the distant past it was about time for the company to move on and create something a little different for the 21st century market. […]

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Cobra 29 LTD – 80 Channel Mobile CB Radio Review

28/04/2004 TM1 1

Ian Bellhouse investigates this interesting classic style CB radio. I have recently bought a new Cobra 29 Ltd CB radio, first impressions out of the box are very good, the radio resembles the old Cobra 148 which I am sure everyone is familiar with and Cobra have kept the original […]

Cobra MT220 Radios

Cobra MT-220 PMR-446 Radios

27/04/2004 TM1 0

Cobra is back with a new budget priced, fully featured radio. How can it stand up to the competition? This Review is sponsored by Teluwatt 2 Way Radio Services. When Liam from Teluwatt contacted me about reviewing the Cobra MT-220 I was delighted to say the least as I am […]

Cobra Microtalk 250 PMR-446 Radios

Cobra Microtalk 250 – PMR 446 Radio

26/04/2004 TM1 0

A superb compact PMR 446 radio with stunning audio quality and professional looks. We put it through it’s paces. PMR 446 radios seem to be selling well at the time of writing. Already there is a large choice of hand-held radios available and they are proving very popular with the […]