AT5555N to Cobra 4-Pin Microphone Converter Cable

From : AnyTone AT5555N jack connector type : 8P8C RJ45 plug

To: In-line round socket to suit Cobra 4 pin microphone plug

Wire AT jack pin 8 (KEY) wire colour BLUE to Cobra socket pin 4

Wire AT jack pin 7 (PTT) wire colour RED to Cobra socket pin 3

Wire AT jack pin 6 (MIC) wire colour WHITE to Cobra socket pin 2

Wire AT jack pin 5 (GND/MIC SCREEN) wire colour MIC SCREEN to Cobra socket pin 1

The wire colours here are those used in the AnyTone AT5555N stock microphone lead.

Note that PTT is connected to GND when in Transmit and should be open when in Receive

Hope that this is of use.

73’s, Dave


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