The Radtel RT-490 Two Way Radio in a scenic location/!

Radtel RT-490/Socotran FB-8629 Two Way Radio Review

09/04/2022 TM1 0

The Radtel RT-490 is a very versatile two way radio. It contains some exciting features including Bluetooth for programming via an Android App and erven GPS positioning! The most remarkable thing about this radio is the price as it’s available for below $100! It is available under several brand names […]

YJT UV-8F Two Way Radio

YJT UV-8F Handheld Two Way Radio Review

21/11/2021 TM1 0

YJT is another Chinese manufacturer similar to Baofeng. The radio is a fairly standard, tough, well built dual band hand held, with all the usual features – CTCSS, DCS, nice clear display and full keypad programming – no computer required but has a special feature – it can be programmed […]