Scarlett Warrior 27 MHz CB Antenna – Performance at a Budget Price!

Scarlett Warrior CB Antenna

The Scarlett Warrior is an amazing antenna that has been around in various forms since the 1990’s. Sporting the famous “Modulator” style coil this is a base loaded antenna that really packs a punch for it’s length and gets out as well as mofre expensive antennas such as the Sirio Megwatt 4000 but at the budget price of around £19.95 in the UK (Around $25 USD). What’s so good about it? The price, the performance and build quality. Over the years this antenna has been known as the following names.. Scarlett Warrior, Red Rocket, Red Devil and many more! Maybe you can help name a few more of the variants?

Buy one from Moonraker here:…

or if out of stock try the Red Devil:…

Watch our review on YouTube of this amazingly cheap but great performing antenna!

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  1. It’s a good idea to get some *adhesive* heatshrink, remove the red and black wrap and re-cover it with adhesive heatshrink. If you don’t water gets in under the wrap and corrodes where the copper coil is held on with pop rivets. Besides that, this is a great antenna and it’s the one I use. Bandwidth is good too.

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