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AT5555N to Cobra 4-Pin Microphone Converter Cable

03/12/2019 2A0FX 2

From : AnyTone AT5555N jack connector type : 8P8C RJ45 plug To: In-line round socket to suit Cobra 4 pin microphone plug Wire AT jack pin 8 (KEY) wire colour BLUE to Cobra socket pin 4 Wire AT jack pin 7 (PTT) wire colour RED to Cobra socket pin 3 […]

Astatic Echomax 2000

Astatic Echomax 2000 Review

28/04/2004 TM1 4

Transmission1 takes a look at one of the highest quality CB microphones around! The Astatic Echomax 2000 is an unusual desk microphone. For a starter, the weight of this unit is around 1.4 Kg(!) making it far more solid than the average CB desk mic. From the moment you take […]