Anytalk UV-6F Transceiver – A Chinese Radio with Memory Banks and AM Airband – Better than Baofeng?

The Anytalk UV-6F is a nice alternative to the many Baofeng radios that are available for a super cheap price. This one comes with a huge difference – a 1000 memories BUT has memory banks so you can actually organise frequencies in the same way you would with a scanner. This is a huge plus for those wanting a multi purpose device that they can use for PMR, Marine, Ham Radio and listening to the AM airband – yes this radio even includes the AM mode for a bit of monitoring.

Huge frequency coverage from 108 through to 560 MHz. Not bad for the asking price of £64.50 in the UK from Rugby Radios. Even has a little GPS receiver built in!

Buy it here:…

It also appears that the radio is available under the Radtel brand labelled as a “Radtel RT-620” located here:…

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