41 Years of Legal UK CB Radio – 02/11/2022

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Well, it’s nearly that time of year again when CB radio operators across the UK get on the air to celebrate the anniversary of legal CB radio in the UK.

41 years have passed since CB radio was legalised here in the UK and the celebrations will take place on channel 27 on the UKFM band (27.86125Mhz) – (Please QSY if channel 27 is busy in your area).

In previous years the channel number has matched the number of years – Why channel 27 this year?

As we have now surpassed the 40 available channels, we had a choice of either clicking round to channel 1 or selecting a fixed channel from now on.  A discussion took place online and the vast majority of people wanted to use channel 27 this year and in the coming years, 27 signifying 27Mhz of course.

So, get on the air and give out a call, see how many contacts you can make!

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