GRE PSR-295 Scanner

GRE PSR-295 Scanner Review by John Griffiths

25/04/2007 TM1 23

John Griffiths takes a look at a new budget priced scanner – The GRE PSR-295. It has 1000 channels, ten memory banks, AM and FM modes, CTCSS & DCS sub audible encoded squelch modes plus a 16-character, 4 line, alphanumeric liquid crystal display and comes pre-programmed with search ranges for […]

GRE PSR-282 Handheld Scanner

GRE PSR-282 Handheld Scanner Review

22/02/2005 TM1 3

John (ddraigmor) investigates the GRE PSR-282 Handheld Scanner. This particular radio is aimed firmly at the airband enthusiast as it supports the all important 8.33 KHz steps that is becoming more commonplace on new receivers. The most amazing thing about this radio is the price and it proves that radio […]