Easter DX Event 2010

Easter DX 2010

Delboy Enterprises have announced another DX Event for users of CB Radio and PMR-446. In the past these events have been very popular and many operators have turned out on the hill tops to make long distance contacts. You don’t need to go mobile to enjoy the events but it helps! The main thing is taking part and being on the air.

As usual 27.555 MHz USB is the main 11m calling frequency and for those who prefer the FM side of things Channel 25 UK and 25 EU (CEPT) will be in use. On the PMR-446 side of things Channel 8 with no CTCSS is a good start for hill topping.

We hope that Transmission1 members will be active over the Easter Bank Holiday on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th April 2010 and we’ll be listening out for you.

For further details please visit: http://www.delboyenterprises.co.uk/ – a very interesting website indeed!

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  1. will try and get up on st roche’s hill the Trundle above chichester for sunday morning have to work monday BOO!

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