The Homebrew Crew!

The Home Brew Crew Tape Cover

What do you get when Ship’s Captain drinks too much beer? A brilliant Rap on the CB!

Who are the Homebrew Crew I hear you ask? Many years ago (1992 in fact) on the CB Radio were quite a number of idiots who keyed the mic up for hours on end, usually on the calling channel and decided to try and jam everyone out, sometimes swearing, other times just leaving the mic down for 3 or 4 hours. It was mainly one guy that no one liked very much and he was called “Wilf” and went by the handle of “Ship’s Captain”.

Naturally when people heard him on the air they tried their hardest to wind him up and it worked! He was also one for getting totally drunk on homemade beer and inviting a few other CB “friends” around to help him fight the battles on air. His two sidekicks were called “Cherry B and Harpo” – together they were a menace on the air. One day I decided to record some of the antics of these people onto a tape.

I took the next step of making a “CB Rap” featuring these breakers. All the music was created in 1992 on a Commodore Amiga! Needless to say that when the tapes were finished and distributed through a few choice letterboxes in the town, they were played all over the CB for weeks to come! They became famous in my area of the country! (East Yorkshire, UK). They should have got into the Top 10! On the right hand side of this article is a picture of the original tape that started it all off!

Below you will find the tunes converted into MP3 format. Feel free to download them and have a laugh at what can be done with a few idiots on CB radio! Has anyone else ever done this? If you have and would like your music featured then please use the contact form and we’ll put them on here. Please remember that the quality of these files isn’t amazing because they are quite old now (the Amiga’s sound system was 8 bit) and the original recordings of the CB breakers were made on cassette tape but I have digitally re-mastered them! Enjoy and I would love to hear your comments about these.

Listen to the MP3 Files Below!

The Homebrew Crew – 5 Gallons
The Homebrew Crew – Who is Roger?
The Homebrew Cree – Rogerdidleydodger!
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