Intek M-150 Plus CB Radio

Intek M-150 Plus Review

19/11/2011 Guzzy 2

I’m in the process of umming and arring over which remote headed CB radio to purchase. It’s currently a toss up between the tti TCB R-2000 and the Lafayette Venus. I’ve crossed the Albrecht AE-6890 off the list on the grounds that the supplied microphone is pathetic beyond belief. Who […]

Alinco DJ-446

Alinco DJ-446 PMR-446 Review

20/01/2010 Guzzy 0

Initial ImpressionsMy reason for purchasing a PMR 446 radio was to enable bike to bike communication. I needed a radio that would be robust, have a good battery life, and be able to accept the standard headphone & mic accessories. When I discovered that Alinco did this PMR 446 version […]

Midland Alan42 handheld CB

Midland Alan 42 Multi Review

16/12/2005 Guzzy 12

I’ve owned this Midland Alan 42 Multi Hand Held for about six months now. I bought it to use on my motorbike (believe it or not). The radio comes in a kit: CB Radio, battery holder for 6 AA Alkaline (1.5V batteries), battery holder for 8 AA Rechargeable (1.2V batteries), […]

Midland Alan 48 Excel

Midland Alan 48 Excel Multi CB Radio Review

16/12/2005 Guzzy 4

I have owned my Midland Alan 48 Excel Multi for about a year now. It has been setup as a homebase radio attached to a Solarcon A99 (Antron 99). I work from home a lot and I like to have the CB radio on in the background while I work. […]