Cobra Microtalk 250 PMR-446 Radios

Cobra Microtalk 250 – PMR 446 Radio

26/04/2004 TM1 0

A superb compact PMR 446 radio with stunning audio quality and professional looks. We put it through it’s paces. PMR 446 radios seem to be selling well at the time of writing. Already there is a large choice of hand-held radios available and they are proving very popular with the […]

Motorola Handie Pro (Euro 446)

Motorola Handie Pro (Euro 446) Radio

26/04/2004 TM1 4

The Motorola Handie Pro is a business/commercial class two way radio transceiver covering the normal PMR 446 MHz licence free band. Many users of radio equipment will instantly recognise this unit, as it has previously been available on sale on the SRBR band (461 MHz, but due to close in […]

RS-446 PMR-446 Radio - Close Up

Maxon RS-446 PMR 446 Radio

26/04/2004 TM1 0

We investigate the latest budget priced PMR 446 radio. Is this the one you’ve been waiting for? I can’t believe how many PMR 446 radios have appeared recently! To say that this licence free service hasn’t been available that long the manufacturers have excelled themselves and this must prove the […]

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Cubex 2/6/11m Quad Antenna

26/10/2002 TM1 1

The Quad from Cubex is my pride and joy. My location is less than ideal, being extremely close to an electric railway and at the bottom of a hill to my east. The Cubex has performed better than anything tried before and picks up very little noise from the railway […]

Motorola T6222 PMR-446 Radio

Motorola T6222 PMR-446 Radio Review

27/04/2002 TM1 4

We have a winner! Motorola’s T6222 could be the finest PMR446 handheld on the market right now! Motorola have a tradition of making quality communications gear both in radio communications and mobile phones. It comes as no surprise that Motorola have branched out into more consumer based products in recent […]