Breaking News: UK CB Radio gets Legal AM and SSB on 27th June 2014!

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After years of waiting and months of consultation – the UK finally gets legal AM and SSB CB Radio effective from the 27th June 2014.

In a consultation document published this morning by the UK regulator OFCOM the following statement was issued:

Allow two different Amplitude Modulation (AM) modes of operation (AM double side band and single side band) to be used for Citizens’ Band (CB) Radio on a licence-exempt basis in accordance with our decision in our “Statement on Citizens’ Band (CB) radio published on 10 December 2013 (the ‘CB Radio Decision’)”

Ofcom has made these changes to allow all mode operation in the CEPT band (sometimes referred to as the mid block or midband channels).  It is worth noting that that this change does not apply to the exclusive UK 27/81 frequencies which will still only permit FM operation.

The changes were brought about as a result of harmonising CB modes and frequencies across the EU. Many countries have already implemented the CEPT decision ECC/DEC/(11)03  – The harmonised use of frequencies for Citizens’ Band (CB) radio equipment published here:

For those who are interested you can read more about the changes to the wireless telegraphy exemptions including the full PDF document published here:

This is good news for the UK and EU as it means we are likely to see many new radios available for sale in dealers around the EU since a common standard allows cheaper manufacturing costs and makes distribution easier!

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